Mother of all Festivals, Pride of the Capital City, Premier of the South Pacific.

Terms & Conditions

Advice for Hibiscus Contestants


  • Ensure that your entry form is filled out correctly and that ample time is taken out to fill in the form. Remember your chances of being short-listed rely solely on the entry form.
  • Photos accompanying the entry form must be a glamour shot either professionally taken or taken in good lighting using a plain back-ground. An example of what is acceptable and not is illustrated below



You can download the relevant application forms in the downloads section.


  • Once short-listed, potential contestants will have to go through a selection process. This is based on deportment, public speaking skills, poise and general knowledge.
  • The selection process should be treated like a job interview, taking into account that appearance and presentation plays a very important role in being selected.
  • Investigate or learn more about the contest. Do some homework, memorize a little bit. And if there are questions that come up during the event that you are unsure of, then be honest and say you do not know the answer. Do not try to fake it!
  • BE ON TIME. Always! This is a must. Being fashionably late is bad business! In this business being late often means someone else will get your spot!
  • For the interview, choose an outfit that you are comfortable in wearing. Smart causal attire (Shirt with long pants/sulu) (Business shirts/blouses with skirts/pants) or nice day-time dresses tend to be good choices. NO FLIP FLOPS PLEASE.
  • Do not over-accessorize. You want the selection panel to focus on you not your jewellery.


  • For Rehearsals  – Arrive a few minutes early so that you are relaxed and prepared to work. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Come prepared for all the items required for each rehearsal.
  • Punctuality – if you are to be a late, ensure that you advise the person who is in-charge.
  • Talent Competition – one first-generation CD must be handed to the organizers. Always have a copy of the music with you. Clothing or costumes should compliment the talent being displayed. Props should be simple and easy to move on and off the stage quickly.
  • Use of mobiles and personal cameras – The Hibiscus Events Groups has their own photographers; please refrain from taking photos during rehearsals and on official visits, as this disrupts the program. Also the use of mobile phones is prohibited during rehearsals and official visits. Emergency calls are to be forwarded to respective deputies.
  • Time Management and Prioritizing – it is very important that you manage your time wisely to prepare yourself for the contest. Having big nights out the night before an event or rehearsal will only affect your performance and will show on your face. In addition smelling of alcohol will not work well for your image.
  • Respect Rules – There are reasons for these rules and you would not want to find out the hard way!
  • Be courteous to fellow contestants – There is no point to being rivals and bad-mouthing each other. Some great friendships can made from this contest, this has happened in previous years. Remember you are competing with one another NOT against one another.
  • Judging starts from Day 1 – Once you’re in the public eye, your judging literally starts. You wouldn’t know who your judge is till a week before the festival. To avoid your judges having pre-conceived ideas about you, ensure that you are very cautious of your behavior in public.
  • Respect the organizers of the contest – Need I say more!
  • Keep up with news – Most of the questions are based on current affairs. Read the newspaper, editorial comments, blogs etc to keep you updated. Start this from day one! Do not leave it to the last minute.
  • Answering questions – This should not be used as a political platform. Brevity is a virtue. Try to be more upbeat, motivational, honest and perspective. So PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!
  • Be Patriotic – We are looking for a person to best represent Fiji in all categories. Do your research.
  • Public speaking – Some people are born with it some need to work at it. So PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!
  • Use your family as critics – Your family will be your best critics, get them to ask you questions and coach you. Practice makes perfect.
  • Appropriate clothing – Always dress accordingly. Find out the type of function you are attending before-hand. All outfits should be viewed as a complete look, well-coordinated and not too distracting.
  • Shoes ( Female contestants) –  You will be on your feet at some point of the contest for extended periods, be sure that your shoes fit properly and are comfortable ( or invest into gel cushion pads available from pharmacies). Do not wear mules or slings which come off quite easily. Break in shoes well in advance of the contest.
  • Evening Gowns –  Choose a gown well suited to both your body type and personality. Choose something with colour and glamour. Refrain from showing too much cleavage. Gowns should not require too much assistance to get into or out of. Look for a gown that accentuates your best features.
  • Posture – Having good posture is very important, makes you look confident and smart.
  • Have FUN – Enjoy the experience. This is a once in a life-time opportunity and treat it like you’ll never be there again. Soak up the memories, make new friends and enjoy the experience!



  1. Briefing for Contestants (All Categories)
    • All contestants and sponsors will be required to attend a briefing on the week’s programme and procedures as soon as the final number of contestant is known.
    • All contestants are required to supply at least two postcard sized photographs, one full length pose and one close-up facial shot. These photographs will be used in most publicity material. Contestants are to ensure that these are their best shots.
  2. Fundraising (Miss Fiji Hibiscus 2018 Category Only)
    • Contestants, in liaison with their respective sponsors, are requested to commence fund-raising activities. Such fundraising activities shall be the prerogative of the queen and her sponsor.
    • Sponsors may make their own arrangements for the safekeeping of funds until Saturday, 18 August 2018, when all funds should be handed over to the Committee Treasurer and the Organising Committee’s Bankers (Bank of Baroda) no later than 1.00pm. The team will be available at the Hibiscus 2018 Command Centre at Albert Park during this time to accept contributions. Bank drafts only will be accepted, however, company cheques maybe accepted pending prior discussion with the Organising Committee. No cash will be accepted and no funds will be accepted after 2.00pm thereafter.
  3. Contestant’s Wardrobe Requirements (All Categories)
    • It must be appreciated that contestants will portray the image of their respective sponsors throughout the duration of this event. In this respect, it is expected that sponsors provide some cash towards their contestant’s wardrobe and other accessories. A portion of sponsors payment will go towards covering this expense.
    • The amount quoted above is really insufficient; however, it is important that contestants should select their requirements in such a manner to contain expenses within their respective allocation.
  4. Hibiscus 2018 Programme/Appearances (All Categories)
    • Contestants will be expected to appear at most of the evening and day functions. As some of the programme at the venues have a definite commencement time, it is absolutely necessary that contestants are punctual at all times.
  5. Accommodation
    • “Miss Fiji Hibiscus” contestants only will be accommodated at a hotel arranged by the Organising Committee. Teens and Princess will be provided with one day room for refreshing.
  6. Floats
    • The Organisers of the Hibiscus 2018 Festival also request that all “Miss Hibiscus Queen” sponsors provide a float for their contestants. We do not expect these to be too expensive, however it is important that these floats are properly decorated to depict a theme of the organization they represent. Application forms are available at the Hibiscus Office.
  7. Venue
    • The Hibiscus Festival would not be such if it is held anywhere else and for the 2018 festival, at the Vodafone Arena.
  8. Sashes
    • It is important that contestant’s title is clearly defined e.g “Miss/Mr ….. “ to avoid miscommunication with the organizers at a later date.