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Charity & Good Cause


The Hibiscus Event Group (Inc.) through the Hibiscus Festival has assisted many charities, children’s homes , homeless children and adults, large families in need, senior citizens homes and blood drive amongst others. Since 2006, we have distributed over $1 million to needy groups and organisations.

  • The Charity Chest Distribution is a broad based one. It targets those in genuine need, a wide cross section of the community, religious, education, poverty alleviation, medical – through clubs(Rotary etc), community based projects, Registered Charitable Organizations e.g. Fiji Kidney Foundation, Fiji Cancer Society, National Heart Foundation, and others.
  • Through a Public Notice in the dailies, the Organisations/Clubs are invited to lodge their applications early, so that a broad based and a large cross section of the needy organisation will have the opportunity to apply.
  • Distribution of proceeds from the Charity Chest will be decided by the custodian partners i.e. Suva City Council and Suva Retailers Association, Executive Board Members of the Hibiscus Event Group (Inc.) and Queen contestants and their sponsors.
  • Education assistance is a very broad based one, the schools do not normally qualify as most institutions are State assisted, while others may be religion based organisations (e.g. Pratindhi Sabha and others).
  • We also look at assisting those institutions that offer assistance to a large cross section of the community.

When making the application, you must provide a general background of your organisation, a broad outline of the project and the potential benefit you expect to derive from it.

You must be mindful that the Executive Committee of the Group wishes to distribute funds to a wide cross section of charitable bodies and any application for donation must take into account the wider needs of the community. In this respect applications for limited purposes may not be considered. Please note all applications may not to be considered favourably by the Executive Committee.

All applications must be submitted to the Hibiscus Event Group (Inc.) Secretariat, one week before the festival begins. The Vodafone Fiji Hibiscus Festival is always held on the first week of the 2nd term school holiday in August. All applications must be clearly marked “FOR THE CHARITY CHEST” and are to be addressed to:

The Chairman
Hibiscus Events Group (Inc.)
PO Box 13480, Suva


Hibiscus Event Group (Inc.)
Ground Floor, Suva Civic Centre, SUVA.
Phone/Fax: 3311168, email: