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First Queen

Mr. Graham Low of the Bank of N.S.W. And Les Hammet of Cable and Wireless had entered her name then. Her Father was tickled pink with the idea, but her Mother didn’t think it was such a great idea, and made no bones about telling the two young men where they stood. Consequently, the sewing […]

Hibiscus Song

The song was penned in 1976 by George Knight himself. Back then, FBC DJs Bernadette Ganilau and Aminiasi Gaunavou promoted the song on the Fiji hit parade, which only featured International acts. George was the very first local musician to break into the local music scene and become Fiji’s very first “pop star”. His first […]

Old Isoa Recalls 1st Hibiscus

The building now looks forlorn and outdated this used to be the rendezvous of young people in the ’60s and ’70s. It was the place to be during weekends and nearly every drunken Fijian young man would aim to be there after his drinks. By 8pm the band would start up the noise and try […]

Origins of Hibiscus

It was small. Apart from crudely hand-made posters and some radio advertising, there was not too much publicity about it. Many people in Suva were not aware of it because the whole Festival was contained within the Town Hall- now Vineyard. Suva Rotary Club had offered to operate a few stalls inside the hall, there […]