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Morning Tea Treats For Contestants At Vodafone Fiji Head Office

Vodafone Hibiscus Festival is a platform for youths to showcase their talents, says Vodafone Fiji Limited acting chief executive officer Andrew Kumar.

“We are proud to set such a platform for our many young man and women to boost their confidence and mole them into ambassador of our communities,” he said.

To thank the 2016 Vodafone Hibiscus contestants, Vodafone Fiji organised a morning tea for them at their headquarters at Tamavua, Suva, yesterday.

Mr Kumar said Vodafone was proud to be sponsors of the national event.

“It is a life time experience for the participants. It will cherish you forever,” he said.

Miss Apco Sheenal Swastika said: “I am so thankful to the Vodafone for such a platform for the youths where they advocate on issues to create awareness.”

Mister Fatburger, Sakiasi Rabakewa, thanked Vodafone Fiji for organising such a platform for the youths.

“I always wanted to be part of the Vodafone Hibiscus as a King contestant and here I am today,” he said.

“Whether I win or lose the competition, I will always remember this experience.”

Edited by Naisa Koroi, The Fiji Sun
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