Mother of all Festivals, Pride of the Capital City, Premier of the South Pacific.

348032THIS year’s Vodafone Hibiscus Festival is expected to be one of the biggest festivals in the history.

Dubbed the mother of all festivals, the festival will celebrate its 60th anniversary this year.

Vodafone Hibiscus festival committee member Solomone Rabuli said preparations had begun to have former contestants from the initial festival until last year, to be part of the closing ceremony.

“This is still in the pipeline and is yet to be confirmed,” Mr Rabuli said.

He was part of the team at the first Vodafone Hibiscus festival roadshow at Tappoo City yesterday.

“We managed to get potential candidates for the various categories to sign up.

“We are still getting people to sign-up and we are thankful to the hardworking team that is conducting the roadshow,” Mr Rabuli said.

“There will be other events building up towards the 60th anniversary,” he said.

He has encouraged young people who would like to raise awareness on issues to sign up for the festival.

“If you have the passion to actually raise your concerns in terms of a particular issue you’re concerned about, then this is the best platform to raise it.”

This year’s categories are; Queens, Kings, Teens, Prince, Princess and Adi Senikau.

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