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Ms Carpenters Fiji Ltd Wins the 2015 Vodafone Fiji Hibiscus Queen’s Best Talent

IMG_2338Ms Carpenters Fiji Ltd, Marie Falls has scooped the 2015 Vodafone Fiji Hibiscus Queen’s Best Talent Category title.

Ms Falls wowed a packed crowd at the Bank of Baroda Tent Wednesday evening (19.8.15) showcasing her talent of poetry writing and weaving, simultaneously.

She recited a poem she penned herself and one she calls, Originality. As Ms Falls recited her poem she continued to weave a fan out of coconut leaves. Originality was based on. Ms Fall’s idea of authentic identity of individuals, self-respect, lessons of life that reflect the true meaning of natural beauty to her as a unique individual in a diverse universe.

Thirteen Queen contestants showcased their talents during the talent show which was also live tele-casted by Fiji TV across Fiji and the Pacific.

Families and friends of contestants turned up in numbers to encourage the young contestants as they took to the stage their various talents, some of which included different types of traditional and contemporary dance, singing, poetry, art, drama, and culture. The talent show was used as a platform to advocate on various local, social, political and environmental issues that affect Fijian communities and the neighboring Pacific Island nations that our contestants have close cultural ties with.

The 2015 Ms Vodafone Fiji Hibiscus Queen will be crowned on Saturday (22.8.15) evening at the Suva Foreshore Hibiscus Festival’s main stage.