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Queens Research Topic Presentation

11822950_930172910373483_5516504824540283401_oThe 13 Vodafone Fiji Hibiscus Queen Contestants commenced with their judging yesterday afternoon, 14th August, at the Bank of Baroda Tent.  This was for the Research Topic Presentation which is the 1st of the Judging Criteria.

Each of the contestants had picked a question from the bowl last Friday at the Civic Centre and had 1 week to prepare a presentation paper for the judges which was submitted the night before. The contestants had to present their papers to the judges and members of the public who were also in attendance to show their support.  At the end of each presentation contestants were asked 2 questions from the judges.

The topics presented ranged from various local, social, political as well national issues.

Although the festival commences proper today, the Queen contestants have already been put under pressure.  The presentation is part of the overall judging towards this year’s crown.

Miss Suva City Council, Sarah Vamarasi, was awarded the Best Research Topic Award.

The Queens will be have their 1st Public Judging and Sarong Night on Monday 17th August.