Mother of all Festivals, Pride of the Capital City, Premier of the South Pacific.

Hibiscus Song

The song was penned in 1976 by George Knight himself. Back then, FBC DJs Bernadette Ganilau and Aminiasi Gaunavou promoted the song on the Fiji hit parade, which only featured International acts. George was the very first local musician to break into the local music scene and become Fiji’s very first “pop star”. His first hit song was “Time will heal the pain” with the Dragon Swingers, Sakiusa Bulicokocoko, Marika Gata, Paul Stevens and Ray Foster.

This particular song was recorded at the Golden Dragon by Max Barron from FBC. The song managed to remain at number 1 for 4 consecutive weeks on the local international hit parade. George had set an example and paved the way for upcoming local artists who were also trying to make their way onto the hit parade scene. George was a featured lead guitarist and vocalist with the band Kabani, and their most successful album SIGA NI SOQO, featured the only two original tracks both written and performed by George, that is still being played, today, 16 years after the album was released.
It is fair to say that after 52 years as a musician playing at the top level in Fiji, NZ and Australia, he has certainly earned a legendary status